Asa Nisi Masa Bonarda

Asa Nisi Masa Bonarda

Mundo Revés
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Varietal(s): 100% Bonarda
Mendoza, Argentinien
14.00% vol.
0.75 l
Contains sulfites

Ambrosia for purists. Rich body and harmonious balance achieved not by wood, but by hand – through Bâtonnage. At Mundo Revés (eng.: upside-down world) the goal is not to meet exceptional standards but to redefine them. A wine which will not only delight purists and lignophobes, but, with its richness and taut structure, will also find favor with the wood-loving “beavers” of the wine world. Wonderful, refreshing red fruit, crisp and bracing acidity, a hint of “sauvage”, and, without tasting of vanilla wafers, boasting a creamy and luxurious mouthfeel which leaves nothing to be desired. Once tasted, Asa Nisi Masa – that iconic nonsense phrase from Federico Fellini`s 8 ½ – suddenly makes sense, even for wine-enthusiasts who are slower on the uptake.

Pairings: Ravioli, tortelloni with tomato-based sauces, Central- and Southern-European meat dishes

Storage potential: 7-9 years (can be significantly longer under ideal conditions)