Valle de la Puerta

Good-natured and hot-tempered

In 1994, a newspaper advertisement sparked a flash of inspiration in Julian Clusellas. Ninety days later he stood with his wife and their belongings before the barren expanse of land where he would build their new life. In his journey as a winemaker Clusellas quickly learned that the arid plateau was not a forgiving environment and that he would need to find others as „”crazy“ as him to take on board, and also would require consultants to visit the remote location and offer expertise. Julian had already learned a great deal from these consultants when he became acquainted with the oenologist and motocross racer Javier Collovati, who would become his fellow adventurer in the undertaking. Valle de la Puerta stands for hot-blooded wines with finesse. Here, passion and restraint come together with near-perfection.

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