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Bodega Bracco Bosca

Extravagant and expressive

The idea that dogs resemble their owners holds just as true for wines and winemakers, and Bracco Bosca is a prime example of this. Fabiana Bracco, after gaining experience working with other greats in the country, took over her family´s winery in 2015, marking the beginning of a brilliant success story. What in 2016 was perceived as the "Newcomer of the Year" is today already an established giant in terms of quality (though a micro-winery in terms of the quantity of bottles filled annually). These wines reflect Fabiana´s personality: they are communicative, extravagant, and stylish. Fabiana is a captivating personality, charming any audience with her wit, warmth, and openness. Cleverly articulated and radiating a welcoming spirit, Bracco Bosca wines are very much their creator’s children.

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