Bodega Cicchitti

Orchestral complexity, infectious melodies

The Cicchiti family’s tradition of winemaking dates back to the 19th century, when José Cicchitti's nonno Giovanni, a winemaker from the Ancona region, immigrated to Argentina. In 1983, José, driven by his passion and the opportunity to finally become the head of his own bodega, started to make his craft known and to carve out a space for himself at a time when Argentina was still mainly relying on mass-produced wines and industrial production. In the 90s, his outstanding sparkling wine won him international recognition for the first time. In recent years, the family craft seems to have captivated the younger generations as well, with all living generations involved in the winemaking process today. The bodega delivers classical masterpieces which shine with orchestral complexity and elegance, but with a drinking flow as engaging and upbeat as a simple, catchy tune.

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